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Customer Mindset-Insights & Digital Empathy Management System.
A different & complementary CDP.

whenwhyhow is a pioneering new type of Behavioral Customer Data Platform (CDP) focused in customer-mindset analytics (pioneering the fourth-party data activation) and actionable AI based #digitalempathy to improve loyalty, reduce churn and boost LTCV and improving the power of the conversational era with chat skills profiling.

whenwhyhow is the missing piece of digital customer service and business intelligence puzzle providing a new case of actionable AI for intensive in customer service verticals & data-driven companies looking for efficient ways to structure, store and make available the business information. The perfect complement for your CPaaS/CCaaS and DXP vendors.

The Whenwhyhow integration with your digital channels, CRM, and other data sources used is API based, quick, easy & painless and deployable in the cloud. Also a special Financial version is available.

What makes Whenwhyhow a different and combinable CDP?

Whenwhyhow is trying to fill 2 gaps in the current CDP industry, and do it with a holistic CDP or well as add-on features to complement other CDPs in the market. 

Customer Mindset Analytics

Whenwhyhow creates an easy way to incorporate Fourth Party Data (general time series datasets) to validate Zero Party Data provided by customers and also explore the "whys" of First Party Data to predict better the future "whens" of customer actions. Read more here

Chatbot A/B analytics and user chat skills profiling.

In the conversational era AI may not be retricted to the language "the what" says but also the "how" is the best way to deliver conversations. Whenwhyhow provides aggregated chatbot-centric, A/B testing and segment based usage analytics but also individual user-chat-skills profiling to help to personalize each customer optimal flow. Read more here


Banking & Fintech

Availabilty via digital channels should not be a trade-off with customer-mindset understanding & empathetic interaction. Whenwhyhow let's you to squeeze additional value from your PSD2 & other data sources. Bring the best of "human touch" old banking to the digital space. 
For neobanks & fintech create a data-driven customer centric approach from the beginning. Whenwhyhow provides and specific version for Banking/Fintech/Wealth.


Insurance & Insurtech

Understand the insurance worries, concerns, price sensibility to competitors offerings and anticipate with empathy to solve their concerns. Use PSD2 data to mix with your customer spending profiles to understand their risks to offer the best insurance.


Airlines & Transportation

Know which customers are reactive to strikes, bad weather forecasts or competitors marketing effort & empathetically update about their flights & inform about new routes or prices. Adapt your customer service channels to each customer desired type of communication.



Improve your customer service with customer-mindset understanding to add empathy to channels and improve engagement reducing the churn. Also add as white-label SaaS the solution combined with RCS Business Messaging for your enterprise customers



Empower customer service with empathetic interaction based on detected patterns or trends or counter-react when potential service unavailability occurs or when the competitors launch commercial campaigns.



Optimize your sales channel-mix and fine tune the messaging/push according to the customer interaction style (time, preferred channels for each action, etc).

Whenwhyhow listed as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2020  
"Cool Vendors in CRM Customer Service and Support"
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Accelerators & Investors


whenwhyhow (legal name: Anbotux Data Intelligence SL) received the seal of Innovative Small and Medium Enterprise (Sello de PYME Innovadora) by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) from the Government of Spain.