How to integrate Whenwhyhow?

Whenwhyhow  integration with the data sources is done using API with all the types of data sources. Each data type to be integrated can have different API key/secret if the reponsibles of the data are different departments. The integration process with Whenwhyhow platform does not impact on any other Analytics or BI system that the company may already have in place.

Traditional digital channels like Web, App, IVR, send a session summary with the metrics defined by the company.

Chatbots & Voice Assistants channels send information at single iteration level, so that the platform helps with customization of new conversational channels not only at content and empathy level, but at usability level as well. It is just a 1-hour to integrate with platforms as Dialogflow, Hubtype, SAP Conversational, and whatever platform providing webhooks. The API also can be encapsulated as nodeJS (or other languages) SDK to be used as serverless function.

Integration with Customer databases or/and CRMs in order to have customer-segmentation is also done through an API. You only need to define in Whenwhyhow no-code the segments that will be analyzed and create easily the connector with the API.

Connecting with external contexts data (weather, stock exchange, brand sentiment tools, advertising mettering tools, etc) to create time-series of external-phenomena data values is easy. We would define the external event no-code in the Whenwhyhow gui and developing the low-code connector with the API.

Connecting customer-actions not linked to digital channel activity as payments or banking records or PSD2 aggregation info is done also using the API. 

All the APIs are fully documented, and the user_profile also allows to apply real-time rules to create personalization. 

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