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KER, the Patient Data Platform for health

KER is a Whenwhyhow product, a "patient data platform", specifically created for the Health vertical. It makes the most of the data management and AI capabilities of Whenwhyhow platform, while offering a friendly tool for medicine professionals to visualize patient insights and detect cause-effect patterns.

In many diseases or pathologies, it is necessary to track the patient in order to make a good diagnosis and treatment: mental diseases, obesity, chronic diseases, hormonal disorders, diabetes, migraines, etc.

However, in most cases, neither medicine professionals nor their patients have a digital environment fully adapted to their needs. In the current situation, they face several difficulties:

Multiple sources of information.
Patient data is recorded through different sources: sensors, applications, paper records, etc. 

Difficulty interpreting data.
Professionals have to draw quick conclusions from observing data and detect patterns, often not so evident to the human eye. 

Incomplete information.
What if pollution, bad weather, circadian rhythms or other external factors are affecting the patient's health?

Lack of actionability.
After collecting the patient's data, measures can be taken, but they come often too late and not in real-time


By using data collection, unifying information and using Artificial Intelligence, we can improve the experience and health of patients and make it easier for medicine professionals to diagnose and monitor them.

First, KER collects and unifies patient data records (data entered by the patient through third party chatbots or apps, values collected by wearables and sensors, and patient context: weather, air pollution, etc.).

Through Machine Learning algorithms, the data is analyzed, and a unified patient profile is created. These profiles contain the metrics and graphs with the evolution of the patient data and possible cause-effect relationships between them. For example, mood information can be crossed with lack of physical activity or sleep, sugar levels with food intakes, etc.

Furthermore, KER can communicate with other systems (a Contact Center, SMS or email sending tools, etc.) in order to proactively contact those patients for whom a certain pattern is occurring (medication abandonment/lack of adherence, risky behaviors, etc.).