Whenwhyhow Behavioral CDP

whenwhyhow is a pioneer product in the space of digital customer service, a new type of customer data platform (CDP) focused in customer mindset insights collection (understanding the whens, whyes & hows of each customer to help to serve them better with improved CX with personalization & digital empathy. 

Whenwhyhow allows:

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In order to accomplish those tasks, the system matches access to digital channels against customer segmentation information and a new way of context shaping (economy, stock markets, weather, relevant news in the field, ad campaigns from competitors, etc). Customer segmentation and context shaping can be defined by each company using the platform, allowing the measure of the impact on customers at individual and segment levels. whenwhyhow does not replace your existing digital channels nor CRM vendors, just adds value on top of previous IT investements, and this value is oriented to improve engagemente and loyalty, reduce churn and boosting LTCV.