whenwhyhow for Telcos/OTT comms monetization.

Business communication companies providing A2P communications as VoIP, IVRs and messaging both, traditional telcos and succesfull API based OTT comms vendors are being struggled by competition and commoditization. Very sucessful chat channels as FB Messenger and Telegram are being used at no cost for business to consumer chatbots and the messaging leader Whatsapp is offering A2P services at very affordable pricing. 

Monetization of business to consumer communication services requires to add Value Addes Services in layers with more innovation and less competition, providing extra-value to the communication companies (telcos and OTTs) enterprise customers. 

whenwhyhow combined with comms APIs (RCS MaaP, OTTs messaging&voice APIs) could provide full solution to manage customer omnichannel history, segmentation and customer-analytics much more powerful than traditional channel-centrics analytics.

The potential partnership with telcos deploying RCS MaaP / Business Messaging and OTT Messaging and voice companies could be done in 2 ways:

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  1. White Label SaaS - The whenwhyhow solution for customer analytics and mindset-insights profiling is offered directly with its own API but telco/OTT branded. In that case for example to integrate with chatbots it would be done by each developer using webhooks mechanism as explained in section integrate. This model could be used to sell whenwhyhow as a telco-cloud VAS solution independent but able to be used jointly with communication services.
  2. Joint VAS solution - In this case the telco is offering a single API with same credentials and API Manager (it requires a previous integration of whenwhyhow core with telco API and Comms API management) in a transparent way. For conversational channels the A2P chatbots and VA will be reporting directly to whenwhyhow without needed to use the conversational reporting API by whenwhyhow.

Integrating whenwhyhow by communication comapanies it makes feasible a monetization model based also in the number of each entreprise end-customers-in-database and not only in communication events, much more variable and with more competitive pressure and commoditization.

Also, whenwhyhow could be used as one of telcos or OTTs cloud apps competing with cloud vendors providing tools for developers in the AI space, storage, analytics, etc.


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